Woman says she received an arrest warrant after a protest in Hoover she didn’t attend

Protest arrest warrant mix-up in Hoover

HOOVER, Ala. (WBRC) - A woman living near Washington, D.C. says she got an arrest warrant in relation to a protest in Hoover she never attended.

Hannah Murphy supports the Black Lives Matter movement that’s taking place around the country, especially the recent protests outside of Hoover City Hall demanding police reform.

Last week, to Murphy’s surprise she received an arrest warrant in the mail charging her with disorderly conduct from a recent Black Lives Matter protest on the Fourth of July in Hoover.

“I haven’t been there. This wasn’t me. I really don’t know where the confusion is,” Murphy said.

Murphy says she hasn’t been in Alabama since November 2019. She now lives just outside Washington, D.C. She says that warrant was forwarded from her old address near Birmingham. For the past few days, she’s been on the phone with the court system trying to clear her name.

“The Hoover Municipal Court then called me back to let me know that they had body cam footage of me that was traced back to me. I said, you know, I have receipts from that weekend that placed me in Arlington (Va.). I haven’t been back to the state this year unfortunately due to COVID-19,” Murphy said.

Murphy showed us those Uber Eats receipts from that day and a credit card statement that shows the purchase and shows a transaction for groceries on July 3.

After a handful of calls, Murphy eventually got the situation cleared up and the charge dropped, but she says she still has questions about it.

Hoover police tell us the mix-up apparently happened after a female protester who was arrested for sitting down in the middle of U.S. Hwy. 31 gave them Hannah’s name. That protester was taken the hospital that day so the officer obtained an arrest warrant and it was eventually sent to Hannah’s old address.

Here’s the full statement we received from Hoover Police:

“On July 4th, a female protester was among a group who was arrested for sitting down in the middle of U.S. Highway 31 southbound traffic. Before she could be loaded onto the jail transport bus, she told officers that she was having a medical emergency and requested paramedics. The Hoover Fire Department responded and this individual was transported to a local hospital. While gathering information, the arresting officer received incorrect personal identifiers for the subject who was being arrested. Since the arrestee was transported to the hospital, the officer obtained an arrest warrant from the city magistrate. A notice, informing the defendant that a warrant had been issued for her arrest was mailed to her last known address in Sterrett, Alabama. This individual had apparently moved out of state and was able to verify with the magistrate that she was not the individual who was present at the July 4th protest. The arrest warrant was re-called by the magistrate and she was never booked into the jail.” -Captain Gregg Rector

Murphy says she would like an apology from Hoover P.D. We’re still waiting to find out if the other woman will face additional charges.

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