Shoals unemployment down to 7.9 percent, but labor force takes a hit

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A few months ago COVID-19-related job losses peaked across North Alabama.

But this month, the unemployment rate in Muscle Shoals has dropped nearly to half of what it was in April.

According to our partners at the Times Daily, the shoals unemployment rate went from 15.3 percent in April to 7.9 percent now.

Adam Himber, vice president of the Shoals Economic Development Authority, said SEDA officials are receiving a lot of interest from prospective industries.

A total of 900 jobs in hospitality and business have come back in the past three months.

There is one troubling figure, though: The drop in the civilian labor force in the Shoals.

That number is currently 64,208, which is the lowest since the recession in 1992.

That means a significant number of people are still unemployed and have stopped looking for work for various reasons.

Ultimately, Mayor Holt said he is optimistic that the labor force will eventually come back and is more concerned about keeping unemployment down.

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