Athens nursing home sees drastic increase in COVID-19 patients

Athens nursing home sees drastic increase in COVID-19 patients

ATHENS, Ala. (WAFF) - Over the past three weeks the number of COVID-19 positive employees and patients at the Limestone Health Facility has risen drastically.

There are now 93 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 72 patients and 21 staffers.

According to the director of nursing Wade Menefee, three residents have lost their battle with this virus.

Menefee told us four people from the facility have now officially recovered from COVID-19.

Patients are being kept in a designated COVID-19 unit, but having so many employees unable to work is causing severe problems.

According to Menefee, the facility is asking for help from the CDC and state health department to find a way to get workers back sooner.

It’s no longer relying on negative tests, but instead negative symptoms. This means a patient only requires a general improvement in symptoms, such as 24 hours without a fever.

The CDC also says if the employee is not immunocompromised, had mild to moderate illness or were asymptomatic when tested, they can return to work 10 days after their first positive test.

According to Menefee, employees continue to wear personal protective equipment during their shift.

He also told us the health department is offering information on isolation times. Menefee said once the team reviews the results, they will implement any changes.

WAFF will provide more information about this nursing home and others once we learn more.

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