How long should standard COVID-19 test results take?

Best way to get test results

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We’ve heard multiple reports of long wait times for COVID-19 test results - some more than a week.

We reached out to local health officials to learn what’s normal and what’s not right.

The Jefferson County Department of Health is working on expanding test sites as schools reopen in the coming weeks, and the onset of flu season begins shortly thereafter.

Over the past week, Dr. David Hicks says testing sites have seen an influx of people seeking tests, creating a bottleneck in the system.

He said having to wait for up to a week is "unacceptable" and results should be back within 48 hours.

“When you get the swab, ask when should I get my results back, what’s the worst case scenario and hopefully they say a couple days. If you get to a point and you haven’t heard anything, I would proactively call that medical provider and say you told me it would take a couple days and I haven’t heard anything, can you tell me why that is?” suggested Dr. David Hicks at the Jefferson County Department of Health.

We will keep you posted on testing site information as it becomes available.

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