Decatur sees spike in cases, restaurants see drop in customers

Restaurants see decline in traffic

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Restaurants are talking to us about their concerns with a mask ordinance currently in place.

Amid the spike in cases, restaurants in Decatur are seeing a lot less people come into eat
Amid the spike in cases, restaurants in Decatur are seeing a lot less people come into eat (Source: WAFF)

They say its been a very difficult few months.

The weekend is normally a busy time for people to go out to restaurants.

It’s when most of them make a lot of money.

But that’s not the case in Decatur, during the current pandemic.

The pandemic has caused a big drop in the foot traffic, meaning a lot less customers coming into restaurants.

And now with the mandatory mask order, businesses are trying to stay afloat.

We talked with a restaurant employee at Hard Dock.

He tells us since the mask order went into effect, he’s seen a big drop in customers.

That’s a similar story for Sam’s Sport Grill.

An employee there tells me they’re getting a decent amount of take out orders, but after 6 p.m. it’s like a ghost town.

The kitchen manager for Moe’s Original BBQ in Decatur says a big challenge with the new mask order is customers at the bar.

“You’re taking a sip of your drink you have to remove your mask. And then whenever you’re talking to someone who’s not an employee or somebody that you didn’t come in with, you have to your mask on. It’s almost impossible to keep telling people over and over again, you have to have your mask on,” Sam Townson said.

Townson says the majority of customers have been respectful of the mask order, but a handful of people have not.

As a reminder, it’s a requirement to wear a face covering in the state of Alabama if you’re entering any business, until at least July 31, according to Governer Kay Ivey’s order.

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