EXCLUSIVE: Decatur teen battling rare disease gets surprise from world-renowned DJ

Juliana Goode went through surgery, a two-week coma and is now spreading joy through music.

Decatur teen battling rare disease gets surprise from world-renowned DJ

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - In September of 2018, Juliana Goode received a rare diagnosis of Cushing’s disease. A disease that typically affects older adults.

Juliana needed to have a tumor removed from her pituitary gland.

WAFF 48′s Jenna Rae first met Juliana in September of 2019, as her symptoms were worsening. Her family moved to Alabama for her to have better healthcare.

This past January, Juliana had surgery at the National institute of Health in Maryland.

”The tumor was successfully taken out, unfortunately I had complications. I had an aspiration where I swallowed too much blood. That caused me to have pneumonia, and then that caused me to be in an induced coma for two weeks,” Juliana explained.

”It was a 50 percent chance that she will make it, 50 percent no that she’s not. That was I mean, a nightmare. A parents worse nightmare to hear that news,” Juliana’s mother Kennie Goode explained.

The Goode’s remained strong, with a team stretching thousands of miles supporting them along the way. Especially during the time Juliana was in a coma.

”Everyday we were playing music for her. Any type of music on our phones, my mother-in law would play music the whole time,” Goode said.

Music became a support system the Goode’s never knew they needed.

After months of recovery, Juliana is back home, still incorporating music into her daily routine.

”It helped me from becoming depressed and it made me not think of what’s happening right now,” Juliana said.

This week, Juliana got a special surprise.

”Me and my friends at Denon have a present for you,” Steve Aoki said.

Aoki is an international DJ who play shows all over the world for millions of people. Aoki found out about Juliana’s story through the Kids Wish Network.

He gave Juliana the same DJ set he uses while playing shows for hundreds of thousands of people.

”My goal is to become a famous DJ. To make people happy, make people come together,” Juliana said.

Juliana is now working toward that goal, and of course still recovering from surgery and dealing with her disease day by day.

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