Suspected accomplice’s case in Danville triple murder heads to grand jury

Suspected accomplice’s case in Danville triple murder heads to grand jury

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - The suspected accomplice in a triple murder case was in court Wednesday morning.

Investigators say April Hanner tried to help her boyfriend, Carson Peters, get away after authorities say he killed three people in Danville on Memorial Day weekend.

Judge Charles Langham decided there is enough probable cause to send April Hanner's case to a grand jury.

This means the judge found enough evidence that Hanner could have hindered prosecution for Peters’ case.

Peters is accused of shooting and killing his ex wife, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend on May 24.

Investigators say Peters then ran from the scene.

Decatur police investigator Sean Mukkadam, who testified in Wednesday’s hearing, says Hanner was interviewed by police that night because she was in a relationship with him.

After questioning, Hanner was released.

Police say she later made contact with Peters, picked him up in his pickup truck, and drove him to Piedmont.

Mukkadam said the specific charge relates to her hindering prosecution by providing transportation.

Langham says since Peters was on foot before Hanner picked him up, there is enough probable cause she assisted him.

Police say days later, Hanner turned herself in and Peters surrendered to the U.S. marshals.

The victims’ family members say they’re glad the case is going to a grand jury.

Hanner’s attorney said this is what they expected.

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