New Lauderdale County superintendent talks plans for fall

New Lauderdale County superintendent talks plans for fall

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - As Lauderdale County schools prepare to return to school next month, many of the decisions fall on the shoulders of new Superintendent Jerry Hill.

Hill was elected last night and today we learned his plans for the school year.

“That’s the biggest thing. Everything can change from day to day,” said Hill.

COVID-19 has made schools reopening a trying time.

Hill said his number one priority as the new Lauderdale County superintendent is the safety of the student

“If they choose to send their kids to school and not go virtual we are going to do everything to follow the state guidelines, CDC guidelines, and implement our own safety guidelines,” said Hill.

He said though the county has already put out guidelines, each school will need its own guidelines as well.

“We have a generic plan but each school is different in their own climate and culture, and infrastructure, the width of the halls, length of the buildings, size of the classrooms,” said Hill.

Hill said his other priority is to continue to excel in academics.

“We’re doing everything we can to not let this COVID affect any of our academics,” said Hill. “Through the county, we’re going to be offering more dual credit classes and AP classes, biology, arts. We’ve gone from one art class to four art classes.”

The biggest thing he wants teachers, staff, and parents to know is that he has an open-door policy.

“Talk about things, work it out. Meet with each department in this county and see what you need to improve your area. My job is to help provide those resources for you to do the best job that you can,” said Hill.

Hill is a first-time superintendent and he said he is leaning on his administrative team and the community for guidance.

He said it’s how he won his election because his campaign team communicated and worked well together.

“We were a huge team working together and that’s what we have to do in this school system. It works!”

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