Havoc Optimistic For SPHL Season

Franchise Preparing For Contingency Plans As Season Looms

Havoc optimistic on SPHL season

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -The Huntsville Havoc hope some semblance of a 2020-2021 SPHL hockey season happens. Until then, the franchise is staying optimistic.

Ashley Balch: “We’re in a situation where not all of our teams are in the same states,” Havoc President Ashley Balch said. “You have teams in the Midwest, you have teams from Georgia and North Carolina, so every state will have different requirements right now.”

The entire SPHL are in discussions on contingency plans for the upcoming season during this Pandemic. Along with preparing for the unknown, Huntsville Havoc Owner Keith Jeffries continues to find ways to generate revenue.

Ashley Balch: “They’ve (Keith and Becky Jeffries) poured their heart and soul into this,” Balch added. “This is their baby, this is what they enjoy doing with their life, so it’s all credit to them. They’re gonna do what they can not only for us as a staff, but for players, coaching staff, to try and get us through this, because they have so much passion for this.”

If and when hockey resumes, the Von Braun Center already set for limited seating capacity.

“And when our bowl is completely full with season ticket holders, that becomes an issue, so, if that is the case when we do get to play, we will have to make some adjustments, and we hope that people would understand that they may not be in their normal seat, buy hopefully we can get everybody in here, spread out, safe, and still be able to play hockey.”

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