District 3 commissioners for Jackson and Marshall counties discuss future plans

District 3 commissioners for Jackson and Marshall counties discuss future plans

SAND MOUNTAIN, Ala. (WAFF) - Some new faces will take on leadership roles in Jackson and Marshall counties.

A.J. Buckner said he is humbled by his election victory and the opportunity to serve on the Jackson County Commission.

He said it was a lifelong goal as well as a family legacy he wanted to carry on.

Buckner’s grandfather served as county commissioner in the 1980s, and he said he had the pleasure of working on his campaign.

Now he says he ready to get to work and bring about change in the community.

”It’s very important that the commission works as a team and in talking with the other commissioner’s last night they are very excited about the possibility of that. By us working together we know we will get a lot done and so that’s going to be good and we hope that we can have a relationship with the legislative delegation and city councils, so we can help implement the things that are needed for our county and help our county move forward,” said Buckner.

In Marshall County, Lee Sims won his seat in the run-off for District 3 commissioner.

He said he is also excited for the opportunity and is passionate about improving the roads in Marshall County.

“First off we’re going to try and get some ditches cleaned out. We have water across the roads now and we want to clean out ditches and replace the culvert that need to be replaced, so we can get the water flowing off the roads and through the ditches so we can fix the problem now and not worry about it later on,” said Sims.

Both Buckner and Sims will take office in November.

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