Sessions speaks out ahead of GOP Senate primary runoff

Sessions speaks out ahead of GOP Senate primary runoff

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WAFF) - Tuesday is the primary runoff, pushed back from March because of the pandemic. If you vote Republican, you’ll see the Senate runoff race on the ballot.

Former U.S. attorney general and Sen. Jeff Sessions is going head to head with former football coach Tommy Tuberville.

The winner of this race will go up against Sen. Doug Jones in November.

WAFF 48 News reached out to both candidates ahead of Tuesday’s vote. We were only able to get in touch with Sessions.

“You can trust me. I have not changed. I’m the same person you sent to Washington,” he said.

Sessions is busy with last-minute campaigning. He’s hoping to come out ahead of Tuberville in the fight for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, a job Sessions held for 20 years.

But the fight to reclaim his old job won’t be easy. Tuberville is going into this runoff with an endorsement from President Donald Trump, Sessions’ former boss.

Sessions says it’s not up to the president to decide this race. Instead, its in the hands of the voters.

“I promise to do my level best to be worthy of the values of the people of Alabama. And I’ve done that, I think,” he said.

Sessions and Tuberville have yet to scrimmage on the political platform. Sessions says the former head college football coach is refusing to debate.

“My opponent is hiding. He’s absolutely hiding. You want a strong voice in Washington, not somebody who is weak. not somebody who is afraid to debate,” he said.

Sessions calls himself the most qualified candidate for the job, saying his values align more closely to that of the president.

And despite being forced out of his job as attorney general under Trump’s watch, Sessions says he still supports the commander in chief.

“He’s proven to be an achieving president, a man who’s gotten great things done,” said Sessions.

Sessions says he’s the best candidate to beat out Democratic incumbent Jones this November.

He says it’s vital to Alabama to turn that Senate seat from blue to red.

“This is a leftist hard left agenda we are seeing. It would definitely undermine the classical American values that we in Alabama share,” he said.

I’s a vote Sessions hopes the people of this state will take seriously, and one he’s counting on to propel him to the general election.

We did reach out to Tuberville campaign team to request an interview, but we did not receive a response.

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