Madison County District 6 candidates prepare for election day

Madison County District 6 candidates prepare for election day

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Candidates for the Madison County District 6 runoff election are preparing for election day on Tuesday.

During their preparations, our crews caught up with both Violet Edwards and the incumbent JesHenry Malone.

“I will bring the community engagement and the interaction with our leaders that this community has come to expect,” Edwards said. “I plan on giving this office back to the people, and knowing this office can reach out and I will hear their concerns I know their values.”

Incumbent Malone said his work in that position speaks for itself; however, he is hoping that by winning on Tuesday he can help even more.

“I’m offering affordable housing in the unincorporated part of the district,” Malone said. “We have done very well offering affordable housing in Huntsville, but we’ve had very limited opportunity to expand on that in the unincorporated part. So I would like to see I the unincorporated part of six grow.”

In March, Malone won 48 percent of the vote while Edwards held 40 percent.

If Edwards wins the election, she would be the first female African American commissioner in Madison County.

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