Huntsville father asks for answers in son’s murder

Huntsville father asks for answers in son’s murder

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Two years ago, 40-year-old Ryan Baker lost his life to violence.

On Monday, his family spoke out about that terrible day and what it has now done to them.

Ryan Baker's father remembers his son.
Ryan Baker's father remembers his son. (Source: WAFF News)

Travis Brown said he feels like he’s constantly living in a nightmare, and last night was no exception.

“I came to the living room and I sat down and I looked at his picture and I thought man it’s been two years,” Brown said.

Two years since he lost his son to violence. Brown said every day he wakes up he can’t believe he’s here without his best friend and the father of his grandchildren.

Authorities said Brown’s son was shot and killed at the Budget Inn on University Drive.

Brown said even though it happened back in 2018, he feels as if it was just yesterday.

“It hurts,” Brown said. “It hurts worse than the stitches on my back. When I look upon the picture on the wall and I see all the pictures of him. I can’t touch him no more. I can’t see him laugh no more. I have to look at his kids’ faces when I see them.”

Brown said all he wants is answers, something he said he hasn’t gotten.

“Justice is what I am seeking for him.”

According to court records, Atimothy Pullen is charged with murder in this case. His trial was scheduled to start in April but COVID-19 changed that. He is currently being held in the Madison County jail.

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