HCS superintendent: ‘We are building a ship as we sail'

Huntsville City Schools reopening plan

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Parents have two options to consider for the upcoming school year at Huntsville City Schools.

Students can attend classes in person or parents can choose to keep their kids home and do virtual learning.

“It is all different and it is all new,” said Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Christie Finely. “The face of education has changed. We are building a ship as we are sailing.”

Reading, writing, and social distancing: all lessons being taught in Huntsville city classrooms this fall.

“The amount of social distancing that can actually take place depends on how many children are actually there,” said director of operations Dr. Jeffrey Wilson. “That is one of the reasons we are really encouraging parents to look carefully at the virtual option.”

If a student physically returns to school, they should monitor their health at home. Temperature checks will only be taken for staff, not students. Only essential personal items are allowed on property.

“At this time, we will be encouraging and requiring masks for students,” said Dr. Timothy Scott, deputy superintendent of instruction.

Parents have until July 20 to choose what style of learning they feel is best for their family. They’re asked to stick with their decision for the entire fall semester.

Nothing is set in stone; everything is pending on what COVID-19 case count looks like in early August.

“We may have to again pivot to remote learning or staggered schedule because we want to make sure at the end of the day that our students are safe and our teachers and staff are safe,” said Finely.

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