Parents across Madison County weigh schooling options for fall

Updated: Jul. 9, 2020 at 8:47 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Will you send your child back to school or try a revamped online learning program?

It's a decision parents are facing and time is running out to make a decision.

Right now all three public school systems across Madison County have both virtual and in-person options available for the fall.

Elizabeth Fleming, the executive director from the Schools Foundation, says the key is to consider personal schedules and be flexible knowing that everything might change.

She says it’s important to realize that virtual school in the fall will not be the same as what we saw in the spring.

The expectations will be higher and there will be more work.

Overall, it’s important for parents to understand more will be expected of everyone.

Fleming got a taste of virtual school at the end of the last academic year. Her 2nd grade son finished off his classes at home. She says she’s looking back at that time to determine if she’s able to handle it again.

Fleming is hoping this uncharted situation will help people realize the importance of public schools and have a discussion about funding them properly.

“There’s a burden on school districts and of course the teachers during these uncertain times, as well as the financial stress to the school systems,” Fleming said. “So it begs the question of what else can we do as a community to continue to support and fund public education because ultimately we have got 55,000 kids across Madison County attending public ed and they should be our priority. And making sure they have the resources, their teachers have the resources.”

Fleming says it’s important that you check with your school district today because there is a cut off date when you have to decide whether you’re going with virtual school or in-person.

For example, Huntsville’s enrollment deadline is July 29th.

Tonight Madison City, Huntsville City and Madison County Schools will have their board meetings.

WAFF will be reporting details on that tomorrow.

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