UNA head coach battled COVID-19 in June

Chris Willis tested positive mid-month

UNA head coach battled COVID-19 in June

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A number of college football programs returning to campuses across the country including here in north Alabama and the UNA Lions. Their head coach had to deal with what many people across the country and the globe have been dealing with this year.

“I hadn’t been around a lot of people,” Lions head coach Chris Willis said via phone. “I washed my hands, wore the mask, I did all the social distancing.”

Willis dealt with COVID-19 firsthand, even with practicing all the guidelines during this pandemic.

“We think we had a graduate assistant that came down with it. He had been in and our of my office. But, yeah, June the first is when they kinda quarantined me.”

Willis had to take four separate test before a negative result came back to clear him to return to his office. Now he and his staff are preparing for eighty student athletes in phases to return to campus Monday.

“We’re not doing anything different than the Clemson, Alabama, Auburn’s of the world are doing,” Willis added. “And they’re still having cases. We know, and I’m not a big gambler, we’re gonna have somebody here that will get it. It’s gonna probably happen. I know the school and University have a good plan in place.”

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