Marshall County couple raise money for Project Lifesaver Program

Marshall County couple raise money for Project Lifesaver Program

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Taking care of a relative with Dementia or other memory disorders can be tough.

That’s why the Marshall County Sheriff is bringing back a program that can help keep people safe, thanks to a Marshall County couple.

Joel and Monica Todd have been very proactive in helping with Project Lifesaver for Marshall County.

It’s a program that provides a tracking system and arm band for people who may suffer from Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Autism and locates them if they were to get lost.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office provided the program for several years until they ran out of funds.

Now, thanks to Joel and Monica Todd, they have set up a t-shirt, bracelet and hat fundraiser to collect funds to purchase the devices.

The devices are free fro families, but cost $275 each for the sheriff'‘s office

“It’s important that we have it mainly for the people that care for people and their loved ones. It gives them a peace a mind. I know people personally that have wondered off and it took a long time to find them, so I think it’s very important for the safety and security of families,” said Marshall County Sheriff Phil Sims.

As of now, Sims said they are currently serving 20 clients through the program.

The shirts are $15 each and can be found a at several local Marshall County stores.

Click here for more information from the Facebook page.

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