DeKalb Regional Medical Center see increases in patients with COVID-19

DeKalb Regional Medical Center see increases in patients with COVID-19

FORT PAYNE, Ala. (WAFF) - Since March, CEO Patrick Tramelle at DeKalb Regional Medical Center said staff have tested over 500 patients so far.

He also said they are seeing the number of people requesting tests go up.

“We have as few as 0 and as many as 13 confirmed patients in house at any given time and right now it’s about five. So, it has moved a lot, but were absolutely seeing an increase in cases in the community and the community spread,” said Tramelle.

Trammell said on average they test about 30 to 40 people a week at the facility and through their drive-thru testing site.

He said the the patients also vary in age.

“Anybody can get this and we’ve seen folks just like me and you get it, we’ve seen the very old get it, we’ve seen the very young get it all the way down to infants,” said Tramelle.

All patients with COVID-19 are separated in a separate wing at the hospital and all visitors must get their temperatures checked.

Trammell said although the hospital is equipped with enough personal protective equipment and tests, he is concerned that cases may spike even higher as we approach flu season.

“Flu season has always been a busy time in the healthcare system whether it’s doctors’ offices or acute care hospitals because you do end up with a lot of acutely ill people. So we’re all concerned about the additional volume potentially, acutely ill medial patients on top of flu,” said Tramelle.

As of now, there are over 700 confirmed cases in DeKalb County and five deaths.

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