Beds filling up, nurses pulled from rotation at Huntsville Hospital

Beds filling up, nurses pulled from rotation at Huntsville Hospital

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The majority of the children who were hospitalized within the Huntsville Hospital system last week with COVID-19 have been discharged and are recovering quickly.

Last week, hospital staff said there were children only a few months old in the ICU with the virus. But now the youngest inpatient currently is 16 years old who is on the mend and recovering quickly.

There are 72 inpatients with COVID-19 in Madison County and about 140 throughout its north Alabama hospital system.

Huntsville Hospital CEO David Spillers says hospital beds are starting to fill up and surgical floors are being transformed into COVID-19 floors.

He also said there are more than 20 nurses who have been pulled out of rotation due to being exposed to the virus.

The drug remdesivir is still being used to help treat some of those patients in north Alabama.

Beginning next week, Alabama hospitals will no longer need to rely on the Alabama Department of Public Health to receive orders. Hospital staff will be able to order the drug and have it directly shipped to their facility.

“We make requests every day and we’ve been getting what we requested. Not every patient is treated with remdesivir, so I couldn’t tell you exactly the dosage. But some patients get a five-day dose, some patients get a larger dose, up to 10 days,” said Spillers.

Effective Monday, Huntsville Hospital will no longer do inpatient elective surgeries at the main campus. Those procedures are being moved to another location or being postponed. You are encouraged to speak with your doctor to finalize all the details.

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