Locals celebrate Fourth of July at Toyota Field

Locals celebrate July 4th

MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) - While many organizations canceled public Fourth of July celebrations, the Rocket City Trash Pandas said it’s game on.

Following CDC guidelines, they were allowed to open Toyota Field at half capacity.

There may not be any home runs hit at this stadium, this year, but Fireworks lit up the sky as families gathered at Toyota field for the Fourth of July

Friends Jacob and Lisa came out to enjoy the festivities

.”Just needed to get out and enjoy the 4th of July. I work in the health care field so its been overwhelming, so I needed to get away from all of that for a little while,” said Lisa Gongora

While live music blasted through the speakers and kids played games on the field, Jacob Watson said this was a little way to gain some of their summer traditions back despite the pandemic.

”I knew that it would be kind of different this year with everything going on, but once I found out what was going on here, I figured we could still celebrate someway, somehow,” said Watson.

He feels the the celebration, out here, was safe.

“I do see people taking precautions and the tables are spaced apart, and I do see people wearing masks, or if they’re with someone they typically stay together so it makes me feel good,” said Watson.

This was one of several celebrations across the Tennessee Valley tonight. If you live near Mid City, expect to hear some noise soon! Their fireworks show starts at 10:30.

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