Foods to boost your immunity

Foods to boost your immunity

(WAFF) - As coronavirus continues to spread, many of us are putting in extra effort to keep our immune systems strong, and one big contributing factor to boosted immunity is a healthy diet.

Fitness nutrition specialist and certified personal trainer Catherine Courtney says foods like leafy green vegetables and foods that are high in probiotics, such as yogurt, can really help strengthen your body’s ability to fight off infection.

While healthier foods are often accompanied by higher price tags, Courtney says the benefits of eating right will pay off more in the end.

“There is the concern about the expense of buying fresh, whole foods as opposed to going through the McDonald’s drive thru,” says Courtney. “In the short term, it might be slightly more expensive, but you are going to feel better. And in the long term, diabetes drugs, drugs that treat hypertension, which are the top diseases that plague Americans.... those drugs are pretty expensive too. So, a little investment now can save you big in the long run.”

Courtney also says minimizing refined sugar and getting plenty of sleep and exercise can keep your immune system strong as well.

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