Celebration changes in Florence due to COVID-19

Adapting for the Fourth of July

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Fourth of July weekend is going to look different for many communities that typically attract big crowds for fireworks and festivals.

The celebration may not be the same, but people and local businesses are making alternate plans.

No show tomorrow means local businesses are having to adapt to the lack of foot traffic normally coming through downtown Florence this time of year.

Abigail Ray, General Manager of Rollies, says the company has changed its hours and marketing strategy.

“I’m sure not having the foot traffic will make it really slow,” says Ray. “We actually decided to only open from 12 to five tomorrow because we expect it to be slow.”

Resident Kimberly Matternick said the changes wouldn’t stop her from celebrating at the park.

“I guess for me I was kind of already not expecting it to be an option with everything that’s going on so I’ve adjusted already and I’ve tried to come down here as much as I can anyways.”

The Spirit of Freedom celebration is not canceled at this time. Organizers hope to put on the show on Veteran’s Day.

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