Osprey rescued last year is back in Guntersville

Osprey rescued last year is back in Guntersville

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - An osprey that was rescued last year is back in Guntersville!

Gloria spent the winter down in South America.

Last May, Gloria and her two chicks were tangled on top of a utility pole in a nest in Guntersville.

Scientists, TVA officials and Arab Electric Cooperative employees moved her nest from the electric pole to a safe location across the street.

Mississippi State professor Dr. Scott Rush came out to perform a checkup on Gloria and adjust her tracker on Tuesday morning.

“The is a bird that we banded in May, migrated South in August and flew from Florida, down to Cuba, crossed over to Nicaragua, Honduras and then it went down to Northern Peru for the winter,” said Rush.

Although Gloria was unable to be captured, TVA officials were able to capture one of two of her chicks and banded him for monitoring.

Ospreys are primarily fish eaters and are often found around water. Rush said they were endangered species years ago but have seen an increase in their population.

They are now a protected species.

“It’s a species that throughout the world we have a particular sub group here in north America, but their populations declined during the 1970′s but their populations have gone up pretty steadily since,” said Rush.

Arab Electric Cooperative general manager Stacey White said while it is important to keep ospreys safe, they are also making sure they don’t impact the reliability of power.

“We are here to keep the lights on and we want to make sure all of customers are able to continue with lights because we have 15,000 customers plus and if one of these birds were to get into one of these lines it would affect a lot of people,” said White.

Gloria still has her transmitter on and officials will continue keeping track of her.

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