Decatur City Council passes resolution encouraging face coverings

Decatur City Council passes resolution encouraging face coverings

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Monday night, the Decatur City Council approved a resolution to encourage the use of face coverings in public.

The resolution is shown below. It states that due to growing COVID-19 numbers in the state and county, the city wants residents and businesses to encourage face coverings.

Council members, including Paige Bibbee, requested more time to review the requirement ordinance.

It all boils down to this, will the city require face masks in public?

Monday night the council discussed two different documents. One is a resolution. The other is an ordinance.

This resolution means the city is highly encouraging people to wear masks in public. That passed.

But Tuesday the council will discuss whether to make it mandatory, meaning there would be a fine for not wearing one.

Decatur debates mask mandate

Majority of the folks who showed up are dead set against it.

“I have compassion for my fellow Americans but don’t tell me how to live my life. I spent 17 years in the United States Army defending the constitution of the united states of American people and our freedoms. I will not stand for tyrance and taking that freedom away from us just because people are afraid,” a man in public comment said.

But Sherika Vincent says it’s a matter of life and death.

“I ask that you do not make this a political decision. COVID-19 should have never been made into a political argument. Please consider medical and hospital data to make a decision about a mask policy,” Vincent said.

One woman says she worked at Huntsville Hospital as a nurse for 12 and a half years But she does not think anyone should be forced to wear a mask.

“To say that it is not loving to not wear a mask. It doesn’t have to be about that. It’s become such a divisive and polarizing thing and really what it boils down to at the end of the day is personal liberty and freedom and where is it going to stop,” she said.

The last woman to step up to the mic says she has a medical condition that doesn’t allow her to wear one.

“I cannot tell you the looks that I get one I’m out in public without one. Those masks have become a badge of honor where if you don’t wear one you are a hateful person,” she said.

City council member Billy Jackson says the resolution is a step but doesn’t hold enough weight.

“I just don’t know that people are going to adhere to it if you just suggest that they do things. We’ve shown that we’re not willing to do that,” Jackson said.

Decatur face mask resolution
Decatur face mask resolution (Source: WAFF)

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