UAH International student’s journey back to the Tennessee Valley

UAH International student’s journey back to the Tennessee Valley
UAH International student’s journey back to the Tennessee Valley (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The pandemic has left international students studying here in the Tennessee Valley, scrambling with the question of what’s next?

There’s a travel ban that could prevent students from returning to the United States and prevent them from earning their college degrees.

One international student enrolled at UAH is currently thousands of miles away and trying to get back.

“I’m a British citizen, but most of my life and most of my stuff as well, is in America right now,” said Aaron Osmond.

Osmond always wanted to visit America and he jumped at the opportunity when he received a scholarship to play tennis at UAH.

“All of my friends have been. They said it was great so I just dove right in there,” said Osmond.

Playing tennis and meeting his girlfriend, has made America and specifically the Tennessee Valley his second home.

But when he left to visit his family in the U-K as the pandemic hit, he had no idea the trouble he’d have getting back to America.

“At the time, the presidential proclamation was only until April 24. I had no idea it was going to be extended indefinitely so I thought I was going to be able to come back after 18 days,” said Osmond.

He’s now been in the UK for three months advocating for the travel ban to be reconsidered.

Osmond says he’s determined to return to UAH.

“I just decided to work around the travel ban by spending 17 days in Serbia and then flying from Serbia to the United States,” said Osmond.

When he gets back, things will be different.

“They said they will honor my scholarship, but there will be no more tennis team or tennis matches,” said Osmond.

As the corona-virus numbers continue to rise in Alabama, I asked him if he’d be concerned if there was another lock down.

“I’m not that worried because I’ll be stuck with the people that, well stuck in my second home really,” said Osmond.

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