Atlanta Braves pitcher / North Alabama native reflects on upcoming season

Atlanta Braves pitcher / North Alabama native reflects on upcoming season

ATLANTA, Ga. (WAFF) - Baseball is back! Major League Baseball has announced it will host a 60-game regular season.

North Alabama natives are preparing to report to their franchises, including Buckhorn High alum and Atlanta Braves pitcher, Kyle Wright.

“Everybody now is kind of busy getting all the schedules worked out, trying to get everything prepared for a pretty quick turnaround,” says Wright. “The second spring training will be starting here the beginning of next week... We’re going to have more information, and we’ll learn more things and figure something out because this is new to everyone.”

Safety during the COVID-19 pandemic was one of the major sticking points for a deal to be made between the Players Association and Major League team owners. An extensive set of guidelines are in place, which eases the concerns as much as they can be before spring training begins.

“The guidelines are pretty extensive,“ says Wright. “Us as the players and teams, we’re all going to have to try to make sure that we can get through the season safely and avoid this virus.”

“We’re gonna have to be tested pretty often,” he says. “I think every few days. That’ll be good, getting tested every few days so we can stay on top of it. So if someone does get it, we can separate them from the rest of the team in order to keep playing baseball.”

It’s not what some Major League baseball purists would like, but there’s baseball to be played - something to be excited about in the sports world.

“For me, I’m not used to having all this time off during the summer,” says Wright. “It was nice, but I’m also happy to get back to baseball and get back on the field. I feel like a lot of people need baseball and baseball back in their lives, so, definitely excited about it for sure.”

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