City Council approves resolution to review the actions of officers at protest on June 3

Council approves review

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - On Thursday, the council approved a resolution asking for an independent review into what happened June 3.

That resolution directs the citizen advisory council to review the actions of the officers at the protest.

Councilwoman Frances Akridge spent a lot of time referencing the press conference on June 4.

She said the Chief of Police never offered what might have been done differently at the protests and there were other options that were rejected internally.

Akrige says she hopes the citizens advisory council will evaluate those offers.

She also says many protesters knew the results of unlawful actions at the protests and no rioting or serious damage ever happened.

“On June 3, simply because of the size of the crowds, I did share some concern voiced by people I represent that there could be some people there to incite a riot. I simply assured those people who I also represent that the police department has high tech tools to identify and extract the bad actors out of the crowd... That’s what I expected would happen,” Akridge said.

The citizens council said they don’t have the authority to technically investigate, but they will be reviewing the situation.

Kling said the council will report its findings at a public meeting when they are ready.