‘We aren’t going to live with it anymore’: Advocate pushes to move Florence monument to cemetery

Advocate pushes to move Florence monument to cemetery

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - A nationwide conversation about the value of Confederate monuments has found its way to north Alabama. That includes the city of Florence where a Confederate monument sits outside the Lauderdale County Courthouse.

Camille Bennett is the leader of a movement to relocate the Confederate statue to Soldier’s Rest in the Florence City Cemetery. Soldier’s Rest is a separate portion of the Florence City Cemetery with a historic marker.

The cemetery was used to bury fallen soldiers from both sides during the civil war and then reserved for Confederate veterans and their families afterwards. Bennett says it should be the final resting place of the courthouse Confederate statue too.

“The facts are there. The history is there. Black people were actually sold at the courthouse like our ancestors were sold there. We know what the speech said when the statue was erected there back in 1903. It was overtly racist and the courthouse represents justice for community and we aren’t going to live with it anymore. So we expect it to come down,” said Bennett.

The Lauderdale County Commission voted to give decision making authority about the statue to the Florence City Council. The next Florence City Council meeting is July 7.

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