Citizens Advisory Council proposes investigation on protests three weeks ago

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The citizens advisory council plans to discuss their proposed investigation at tonight’s city council meeting. They want more information on the protests three weeks ago that ended with gas and rubber bullets.

The citizen’s advisory council first heard from protesters, then heard from the police chief, and now they believe a full investigation is required.

They say they want more accountability after the way the protest ended on June 3.

Council members Bill Kling and Frances Akridge proposed this investigation last week, but it was tabled.

During last week’s city council, Police Chief Mark McMurray said his officers don’t use rubber bullets.

He also said protesters forced officers to use tear gas as a result of their actions.

Huntsville police say they stand by what happened that night.

The council plans to vote on a resolution to examine what happened on the night of June 3rd.

Council member Kling says he has asked the council to report its findings at a public meeting.