Area boxing gym offers hope

Rocket City Rocks Boxing Gym helps residents stay in shape

Area boxing gym offers hope

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Fast-paced, action packed, and a way to get in great shape. Rocket City Rocks Boxing Gym offers a wide array of boxing techniques that benefits anyone at any age.

It’s high-paced,” Rocket City Rocks trainer Alan Martin said. “Kids from youth can start, or as old as they come, can get in here and box. Anybody can get in here and box, that’s one of the main reasons people should try boxing.”

After the gym reopened after stay at home orders, Martin and staff have made sure to wipe down and keep all equipment clean for clients. Another faction of Rocket City Rocks is helping those dealing with Parkinson’s. Boxing has helped those battling the disease enhance their quality of life.

“Any progress is progress. So any progress if someone has Parkinson’s or whether they do not , if they want to lose weight, if it’s helping their tremor,” Martin said. “Better, more balance, all that is something you should celebrate. All gains are good gains. If it’s something that makes you feel good, makes you happy, it’s a positive thing, why not celebrate it.

I do it for the people, I do it for them. They’re getting better, they’re making their gains. It makes me feel good. And I know it makes them feel good because everybody loves progress. If you’re in the gym you’re looking for progress. So when they get the progress, they see familiar faces, they’re getting their gains, and it’s a beautiful thing.”

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