UNA maintains protocols for student-athletes

Lions strength and conditioning team improving athlete performance during pandemic

UNA maintains protocols for student-athletes

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - University campuses continue to reopen for student-athletes. UNA has allowed students in the area to begin workouts, but a strict protocol is in place before they get to work each day.

“They have to check in with us,” Lions strength and conditioning coach Steve Herring said. “They go down to our training room, they answer a series of questions, have their temperature taken, and then they come back up here to the weight room, or to the turf. And they only have to answer the questions one time.”

Four years ago, Herring and his staff developed a mobile app that can give athletes workouts away from campus. With this useful tool, athletes not on campus or those that can’t get to the facility can keep track of progress and interact with the Herring’s team, which has been helpful during the pandemic.

“It has videos of how to do the exercises here in the weight room,” Herring added. “It’s coaching points, and we can even track the weights that they use when they log on, the whole thing.”

UNA’s safety protocols and procedures are in place to continue the possibility that all students athletes and fans want collegiate fall sports.

“Our athletes take this seriously,” Herring continued. “They come in and do the protocol every time. They wash stuff down, they keep their distancing. They all want to have their seasons. So it’s important to make everything safe, and they’ve done a really good job of maintaining the safety and standards that we have.”

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