Marshall County residents want Shin Point Road repaired

Marshall County residents want Shin Point Road repaired

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Local residents in Marshall County are calling on officials to help repair Shin Point Road.

During the Marshall County work session meeting, Shin Point Road was a hot topic of discussion.

Several residents expressed their concerns and wanted answers to why the road hasn’t been repaired.

“It’s been in terrible shape for the last, at least 12 or 15 years it has not been maintained at all. We have drainage problems. It’s very hard to get up and down and it’s tearing our vehicles up,” said resident Kevin Alfieri.

In fact, the roads were so bad, WAFF 48 News couldn’t even drive the station vehicle down it for fear of getting stuck or damaging the news car.

Some residents who spoke out say years ago the county would come out and do work on the this road, including volunteers from the community.

“Up until a few years ago they used to help us maintain that road something happened. Benji always helped but they use to go and cut back the trees and clear our the ditches but now we don’t get no help,” said resident Lisa Carroll.

She is referring to Benji Taylor, a local resident, who used to help, but he can’t do it any longer and that’s why the residents want help.

Rickey Watson is the county commissioner for the Shin Point Area but said he doesn’t have a solution for residents since it’s not a county road, it’s a private road.

“If it’s on my county inventory I can help and work and clean the ditches, but if it’s not on the county inventory and never been accepted by the county, I can’t do anything,” said Watson.

Residents said they plan to contact local legislators and attorneys to see if they can help repair the roads and find a permanent solution.

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