Decatur students getting iPads with internet access

Decatur students getting iPads with internet access

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - School students in Decatur will soon have new technology to work with.

The school system got nearly 3,000 iPads with cellular data for elementary students with no internet access at home.

This purchase means every K-12 student will have a device with access to the internet if needed.

The iPads will also allow students to use the technology in the classroom so they can apply what they have learned through different activities.

“These iPads are going to provide instructional support for our students. They’re going to help with differentiation, help with computer science skills, help kids create material and not just consume it,” said instructional training coach Faith Plunkett.

The school system is also expecting a shipment of more iPads for teachers and staff to use.

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