Battle continues over Madison County Confederate monument

Battle continues over Madison County Confederate monument

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - There’s a battle of words when it comes to the future of the Confederate monument outide the Madison County Courthouse.

A local progressive group wants the statue torn down immediately.

The county commission says not so fast. There’s a process that must be followed.

There’s a lot of passion on both sides when it comes to that Confederate monument. Everyone looks at the statue with different view points.

Regardless of how people feel, it’s a debate that is front and center in our country right now. Take it down, keep it up or relocate it?

Madison Country Commission Chairman Dale Strong says the statue isn’t coming down until the state signs off on it.

“I’ll take my licks where I’m at. Constitutionally, I’m trying to do it lawful,” said Strong.

A group known as the Rosa Parks Day Committee stood on the steps of the Madison County Courthouse Wednesday calling out local leaders to step up and take down the statue, even if it means going against the law.

“We say to the Madison County commissioner and specifically to Madison County Chair Dale Strong, break the law, tear that thing down now,” one speaker said.

The commission passed a resolution seeking a waiver from the state to move the monument.

Groups opposed to the monument say the commission is wasting time.

The commission says there’s a process and they’ll follow that process to the letter.

“What I would ask the public to do is to give us time to do the work. We all want this statue gone and we all want it gone right now, but we also want to do it correctly because once we move it we don’t want it to come back,” said Commissioner JesHenry Malone.

“I’m not going to do something that isn’t seeking a productive solution. This is the option that we see that is there and i think that that is the route to go as to lawfully seek a resolution to remove it,” said Strong.

Until then, Strong says people need to be patient with an issue that’s touched off a lot of raw emotion.

The state committee on historical monument preservation meets on July 9. The commission will present their findings and data to the group about relocating the statue.

If they committee signs off on it, they’ll begin the process of moving the Confederate monument to Maple Hill Cemetery.

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