Madison County Commission candidate demands Confederate monument’s removal

Madison County Commission candidate demands Confederate monument’s removal

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - There is a new call to take down the Confederate monument outside the Madison County Courthouse.

This comes as President Donald Trump says there will be punishment for people who try to take the decision into their own hands.

Madison County Commission candidate Violet Edwards says to take it down immediately. She’s calling the commission’s resolution to remove the statue earlier this month a stall tactic, saying it did nothing to remove the statue but instead to shift the blame.

Edwards held a news conference on the courthouse steps Tuesday afternoon, saying she wants the statue removed. She says the commission has the power to take it down but claims they are refusing to do so.

“They chose instead to delay and waste our time apologizing for a waiver they knew in fact we would not receive. In fact, the attorney general said as much the commission has continued to be silent, case in point, our appointed commission has taken a victory lap but the moment and the monument is still standing,” said Edwards.

Edwards is campaigning against JesHenry Malone for the District 6 commission seat.

State law says a review committee has 90 days after receiving the application to make a decision about the waiver.

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