Family still searching for answers on Lauderdale County missing man

Family still searching for answers on Lauderdale County missing man

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - A Lauderdale County family is still desperate for information about a family member who hasn’t been seen for over a year.

Bradley “Bubba” Lard was last seen walking near Lauderdale County Road 157 and County Road 10 in March of 2019.

His mother says she just wants her son home.

"I love you."

These were the last words Lisa Lard-Wallace heard from her son Bradley "Bubba" Lard on February 27th, 2019.

“It’s so hard,” said Lard-Wallace.

Lard was officially reported missing in April of 2019, but his loved ones had been searching for him since March.

Wallace says when she didn't hear from him on his birthday she feared the worst.

"He didn't come get birthday money, he didn't call. I knew something was wrong," said Wallace.

All she has left are pictures and memories of her son, but Wallace is pleading for more answers from law enforcement.

"Give me something you know. I'm working on this. I know they are not allowed to tell us a lot, but you know," said Wallace.

Though she has little answers, the search continues.

"Just recently they sent divers to a pond where he was last seen," said Wallace.

But she believes there are people with some answers who haven't come forward.

“What if this was your child, your brother, your son? I don’t understand how people can lay down and sleep at night and know things that they know and not tell anybody,” said Wallace.

She just wants to put her son to rest.

“I don’t care about what happened. I don’t care about any of the people that done this. I want to know where my child’s body is so I can bring him home and bury him. That’s all I want, Wallace said. I don’t want him to be just forgotten. He’s my child. He matters to people.”'

We did speak to an investigator for the Lauderdale County Sheriff's department.

He says they are still following up on leads and haven’t given up on Bubba.

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