Confederate monument in Florence could see a new location

Confederate monument in Florence could see a new location

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - There are changes ahead for the Confederate statue at the Lauderdale County Courthouse.

Lauderdale County commissioners say what happens next is in the hands of Florence City Council members.

You might remember a few weeks ago when Lauderdale County commissioners did not pass a resolution to move the monument.

Since that vote they learned that the city of Florence is actually the owner of the statue outside the courthouse. It was gifted to the city in the early 1900s by the Daughters of the Confederacy.

Now, with this new information, Florence Mayor Steve Holt suggests moving the statue to Soldiers Rest in Florence City Cemetery.

He says he believes this is a step in the right direction for everyone.

“If that was a statue of a governor or a judge or something, it probably wouldn’t fit, but this is a statue of a confederate soldier and my opinion is that it is a very very nice fit. Probably, I wish they would have done it back in 1903, but now we’ll look at it,” said Holt.

The mayor also says there are some logistics to work through and he is hopeful the council will vote to relocate the statue in the next council meeting on July 7.

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