Lexington High School student-athlete test negative for COVID-19

Lexington High School athletic activities were suspended pending results

Lexington High School student-athlete test negative for COVID-19

LEXINGTON, Ala. (WAFF) - News that Lexington High School football coach Jason Lard wanted to hear came true Tuesday afternoon. A negative COVID-19 test result. While the student in question were awaiting results, Lard, along with principal Norman Lovelady, suspended all athletic activities pending the students results.

“I was informed one of our student athletes that plays multiple sports, had not been feeling well over the weekend, and had a COVID-19 coronavirus test and are awaiting the results,” Lard said via phone.

“We were worried that if we just carried on with workouts and that if the student-athlete was positive there was a chance to spread it, so, we thought in the best interest of our students’ health, and for our community, that we be proactive and await the results of the test.”

Lard believes football athletes, along with multi-sport athletes will have to deal with the threat of COVID-19 throughout the 2020 football season.

“You have a lot of kids coming back from vacation and Florida and intermingling with other players, and working out,” Lard added. “I’m afraid that many high schools over the course of the summer will have to deal with it and it’s something we’re gonna have to deal with during the season. Everybody will have to do what they deem necessary.”

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