Scottsboro honors retired police chief with celebration

Scottsboro honors retired police chief with celebration

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WAFF) - Dozens of community members, city leaders and officers filled the Gail J. Duffey Auditorium at Scottsboro City Hall to celebrate Ralph Dawe on his retirement.

Dawe served as the police chief for 14 years and has worked with the Scottsboro Police Department for 31 years.

Although his official retirement date was on June 1, Dawe said he has been busy.

“I have some side work in the private investigation field and I have some household chores to do at home that I’ve been getting caught up on and I am running for city council,” said Dawe.

Dawe said although he made the decision to retire two years ago, he feels the timing is right. He believes his replacement will need to continue advancing the department’s role in the community.

“It’s very scary, I know a lot of the people that I have been talking to around Scottsboro, they are scared to death of what the world is coming to. I definitely think we need law and order and police officers to help people because that’s what our police department has done in the 31 years I’ve been here,” said Dawe.

Dawe said he will miss his coworkers and having the opportunity to serve the citizens of Scottsboro.

“A lot of these people working at the police department I hired, and I just want to see them stay safe and do the right thing and continue to do the right thing and protect and serve our citizens.”

Dawe plans to seek election to the city of Scottsboro City Council in August.

His son, Ralph Dawe IV, was also honored Monday for policeman of the year with the Madison Police Department.

Maj. Ron Latimer has been appointed as the interim police chief.

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