Dozens participate in North Alabama Labor Council Black Lives Rally

Labor for Black Lives rally

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -Side by side, with signs in hand protesters marched peacefully around the Madison County Courthouse, with a purpose.

The North Alabama Labor Council Vice-President, Bob Mcmanus said his group hosted the labor for black lives rally to find a solution to end police brutality and racism.

“We are not saying that everyone out there is a racist nor that all police officers are bad. What we’re saying is there is obviously a problem and we feel that the labor organizations can take a lead in moving towards that solution,” said Mcmanus.

Claire Daly was among the many people in attendance. She said she also wanted to show support and express some solutions for police reform.

“I really want to see a dramatic change in how we do policing right now. So looking how we distribute the funds and move them more from funding armed officers and into just public services,” said Daly.

During the rally several organizations including the NAACP and Local Citizens Coalition for Criminal Injustice addressed the crowd.

Women in NACCP also known as WIN were also in attendance to encourage people to register to vote.

“Only way for your voice to be heard is to vote. Vote for people and place them in office that are representing your ideas, your thoughts, values, your beliefs, that’s the only way,” said Youlonda Caudle.

Organizers with the North Alabama Labor Council said their goal to make a change in the community won’t end with just this rally.

They have plans to meet with surrounding organizations to make a permanent change both locally and nationwide.

Organizers with the North Alabama Labor Coalition also had permit to protest.

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