Lawmakers demand more data to justify $4.8 million in criminal seizures

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A report given to lawmakers this month shows Alabama law enforcement agencies seized at least $4.8 million from people accused of criminal activity last year. But some lawmakers say they don’t have the information they need to tell if that’s fair or not.

Republican state senator Arthur Orr of Decatur says that money should only be seized once someone is convicted.

Right now, those seizures can happen when you're arrested.

Orr tells our partners at the Alabama Daily News that the state doesn’t have data on how much money was seized from people who were later cleared in court or had charges dropped.

Last year, a new law went into effect mandating more information on seizures, but Orr says that's not being done.

The head of the Alabama district attorney’s association says it’s going to take some time to compile the data Orr wants.

Orr says he understands it will take some time to get the data collection up and running, but he has high expectations for the future.

WAFF will be following this case closely with more information soon.