Area high school basketball prepared for pandemic in 2018

Hazel Green girls basketball team fought flu in 2018 through safety measures

Area high school basketball prepared for pandemic in 2018

HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WAFF) - The Hazel Green Trojans girls program understands safety protocol when dealing with a virus. Just two years ago, Hazel Green High School had the flu run rampant within the the student body. Hazel Green Girls head coach Tim Miller, winner of the last three Class 6A girls state championships began a protocol for his players each day in school, on and off the court.

“We made each one of our players wear a mask, each day to school (in 2018),” Miller said. “We then gave each player a little kit that had hand sanitizer in it and some wipes. Every time they went into the classroom, they had to wipe their desk down, put their mask on, get some hand sanitizer and wash their hands for every class.”

Two years later in the midst of a global pandemic, Trojans players and coaches knew somewhat to expect when the state ban on high opening was lifted from their own experience in 2018.

“When they came into the gym, we gave them another mask to put on for practice,” Miller added when discussing the 2018 season. “We were able to wash those and then wear their other mask back home. We had parents every three or four days clean the locker rooms down. We were already as coaches wiping door handles, wiping the seats, anything we thought they might be touching, we wiped that off. And we started that process, nobody got the flu.”

During that 2018 flu season more than 100 students left school in a single day due to flu like symptoms. As the Trojans condition to prepare for the 2020-2021 season, players coaches, and families remember and understand how to manage protocol during an uncertain time.

“So when we got the mask back out they were like, oh, we gotta do that again,” Miller said. “So it was kinda, especially for the older the girls they understood that, the parents understood it. We gotta try to keep these kids safe, as far we can’t let them get sick.”

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