Florence’s First Fridays canceled

Florence’s First Fridays canceled

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s a different feeling in downtown Florence.

First Fridays in Florence is canceled - at least for now.

The popular arts and crafts makers market runs from April through December.

Concerns about COVID-19 forced organizers to cancel.

Restaurants, cafes and gift shops depend on foot traffic from First Fridays in Florence to make sales

“I think that visitors come when they’re trying to pick a certain day of the week to try and come. they come because that’s something that is going to be going on and something fun to do. So it definitely affects why people come to visit,” said director of operations at Florence/Lauderdale tourism, Alison Stanfield .

“It’ll be a completely different feeling. You know. Not hitting the ground running. Having a packed house,” said Odette pastry chef Cara Williams.

First Fridays Florence says they were forced to make the decision to cancel because of social distancing concerns.

Organizers hope there’s a chance to start back sometime this year.

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