Debate in Limestone County over confederate monument

Limestone County residents appealed to the county commission on Monday, but no decision was made.

Confederate monument fuels debate

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - On Monday, supporters and opponents of removing a Confederate statue from the Limestone County Courthouse lawn took their concerns to the County Commission.

The commission listened to petitions, but ultimately said the issue was up to state lawmakers.

One woman who is organizing the movement says the goal is not to destroy the monument, but move it off government property.

The monument has stood on the courthouse grounds for 111 years. It is dedicated to six men from Limestone county who fought for the confederacy.

A descendant of one of those six men spoke out at the meeting, saying the monument should stay where it is.

Another man at the meeting suggested erecting another monument honoring African Americans and their contribution to limestone county.

At the end of the meeting, commission chairman Collin Daly mentioned that removing the statue would be breaking state law.

He said if people want a change, they need to petition legislators.