Kayaks in high demand in north Alabama

Area retailers selling out of popular boats

Kayaks in high demand in north Alabama

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - People are getting outdoors after a long quarantine process in north Alabama. If you’re looking for a kayak, good luck. Retailers across our area and the state can’t keep them off the shelves.

“You can’t find them anywhere,” the Kayak Store owner Tony Dean said. “All the big box stores are out of them. The cheap, inexpensive kayaks all the way to up to the expensive kayak, they’re just not, they’re just not there.”

For most stores as soon as kayak inventory arrives, it’s already sent to those on long reservation list.

“It’s been absolutely crazy keeping the kayak in stock," Dean added. "It’s kinda been the perfect storm. You’ve got the Spring, which is an active time of year. You’ve got the coronavirus, people staying at home with the quarantine, and the stimulus checks and pretty much everyone’s going crazy for anything outdoors.”

Waiting times could last up to a month before a buyer receives their boat.

“What I do as soon as I get those boats in stock, it takes me a while to unwrap them and put them together and that type of things, and then I’ll just go down the list, your boats are here. There’s a line of trucks just waiting to pick their boats up. So they don’t gather dust, as soon as they get in, they’re going right back out.”

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