HydroFest race going virtual for 2020

HydroFest race going virtual for 2020
Guntersville Lake HydroFest goes virtual (Source: WAFF)

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - HydroFest weekend may be canceled due to the pandemic but the race for the Southern Cup will still take place virtually on June 27th.

H1 and Guntersville Lake HydroFest announced Friday the first Driver’s Invitational Virtual Race which will air live on H1 Unlimited’s Youtube, Facebook and Twitch channels. The race will feature nine teams with their actual drivers at the controls and will air at 1 p.m. CST.

Fans can watch as Unlimited drivers race using HydroSim game software that incorporates the actual race course on Lake Guntersville. Drivers will mirror the schedule planned for 2020 with heat races and a championship.

HydroSim is a standalone Hydroplane racing simulator that simulates Unlimited Hydroplanes from the H1 Unlimited racing series. Teams, officials and broadcasters will communicate during the race, and announcer Brad Luce will call the race for viewers.

The races will be run using the same format and rule book as the real world H1 Unlimited series and the winner of the championship will be awarded the trophy for the 2020 Southern Cup.

“We invite all our HydroFest fans to tune in wherever they may be and cheer for their favorite drivers,” said Katy Norton, president of the Marshall County CVB.

“The game is really difficult, so who will win is anyone’s guess. We hope to see another epic final during the championship race like we did live in 2018 when Jimmy Shane and Andrew Tate went side by side for the best finish in hydroplane history. Both these guys are participating, so fans will see two past Southern Cup winners compete in this virtual race along with seven other talented boat race drivers.”

Locally, the virtual race will be aired at the Brick in Guntersville, as well as at Santa Fe Restaurant and Jeffersons, both in Albertville. HydroFest merchandise will also be given away at all three locations.

For more information about the virtual race, visit guntersvillelakehydrofest.com or h1unlimited.com.

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