Citizens voice concerns to Huntsville City Council

Citizens voice concerns to Huntsville City Council

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Protests, rallies, speeches - all ways to exercise your First Amendment rights. At Thursday night’s Huntsville’s City Council meeting, many citizens engaged to protect theirs.

WAFF's Payton Walker on Thursday's council reaction

Dozens of people attended the Huntsville City Council meeting. Some came to just listen while others took a stand and voiced their concerns on what they would like to see change in the city.

Dantreon Calvert was one of those people. He attended last week’s protests in Huntsville where he says he was able to protest peacefully until he was tear gassed by Huntsville police on Wednesday and says it was unacceptable.

Jennie Robinson at Thursday night's council meeting

“As a 6 foot 2, 220 pound African American male I am the prototype of what will be racially profiled, I am the prototype of what will be brutalized by the police, and I am the prototype for what may one day be murdered and that is why I was out there at those protests. That that is how I feel every day since I watched George Floyd video the first time,” he said.

Dantreon also expressed his concerns for the removal of the Confederate monument at the courthouse.

The Huntsville City Council agreed to work with the county commission on removing the statue from the courthouse.

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