Bulldogs prepare for return amidst global pandemic

Alabama A&M football deals with unknown future with voluntary workouts on campus

Bulldogs prepare for return amidst global pandemic

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - College football programs across the country are taking calculated steps to bring student athletes back to campus.

Alabama A&M preparing for their own plan to try and prepare for the upcoming season

“Well that’s what I’ve been doing," Alabama A&M head coach Connell Maynor said. “Being on some Zoom calls, the AD, some other personnel, so we can be prepared when we do bring the kids back, exactly how we’re gonna do it, and we will be able to send out and inform them on exactly what and their parents on how we’re doing things.”

Coordinating with players during this time away has also been critical to have e wry one as ready as possible upon return .

“The key is to getting guys that do something with it. If you got guys that dedicated, leaders. A lot of it was body weight , because they couldn’t go to their high school to lift, go to the gym,” Maynor added. “They’re all closed. So it’s like push ups sit ups, just you’re own body weight.”

The SWAC also welcoming in Florida A&M to the league beginning in 2021.

“We’re gonna be the FCS of the SEC,” Maynor said laughingly. “We’re gonna be the SWAC. We’re gonna be the SEC of the FCS in my opinion. You know Florida A&M comes in and brings another strong team. We’re gonna have a lot of strong teams and good coaches. You gotta have good game plans and you gotta come out and play every weak man. You win our division, you’re gonna have a pretty good football team.”

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