Marshall Medical Centers not seeing expected spike after Memorial Day Weekend

No Memorial Day weekend spike so far

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s now been more than two weeks since Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial reopening party for many restaurants and businesses saw people flock to lake Guntersville for a brief getaway.

But, this caused concern for many people who thought a possible spike in COVID-19 could be in our future.

However, two weeks later and the numbers have been consistent. Marshall County still has the most total covid-19 cases in the Tennessee Valley, but just 96 in the last two weeks, as of Tuesday morning.

14 days has been the go-to number for when you should see symptoms by, but it can be longer, according to Kathy Woodruff, the Chief Nursing Officer for Marshall Medical Center. So, we could still see a spike from Memorial Day Weekend.

Woodruff said she’s surprised and thankful there hasn’t been a big jump in cases but this is no reason for people to let their guard down though.

She said just because the total case volume is high, doesn’t mean the inpatient numbers are too. There are a total of just four patients between both Marshall Medical Centers right now.

“Our volume inside the hospital has really been very manageable, which is great," she said. That means the population is healthy and even though they’re getting covid-19, they’re able to stay home and take care of themselves."

As far as PPE, they are doing good. Woodruff said they started conservative and have seen a lot of people in the ER, but they’ve got a strong stock of supplies and the community donations have been really helpful.

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