City councilman calling for Decatur Police officer to be fired

Councilman calls for officer to be fired

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Rather than desk duties, one Decatur City Councilman is calling for the officer who punched Kevin Penn to be fired.

This all stems from a video released Sunday that went viral on social media. It shows an incident from March at Star Spirits & Beverages on 6th Avenue in Decatur. It shows officers enter the store, punch a man and wrestle him to the ground.

Decatur City Councilman Billy Jackson said the punch was not warranted, calling the act egregious and unnecessary, according to our partners with the Decatur Daily.

Jackson said he does not think race played a factor here and is just chalking this up to an incorrect reaction to the situation.

Still, Jackson said that he expects more from officers.

Police Chief Nate Allen said during the press conference a punch to the face is not a part of their training. Allen said the whole incident only lasted about 90 seconds, so his officer had to make a quick decision.

After Monday’s press conference, Jackson spoke at a council work session.

“I don’t agree with the police department’s assessment," he said."The act was egregious and unnecessary. The sergeant had the situation fully under control, and I think the officer should be terminated.”

Jackson said he spoke with the business owner when it first happened, and the business owner asked him not to bring it up publicly.

For more on this you can check out the story on the Decatur Daily.

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